The following letter has been sent to Senator Merkley, Senator Wyden and Representative Earl Blumenauer on June 26th, 2017.



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7/20/17: We have since heard back from Senators Wyden and Merkley, as well as Rep. Blumenauer and Rep. Bonamici.  W-4twenty is now closely working with these local statesmen to keep up on any cannabis-related legislation in D.C. and learning to find new ways to help local dispensary and producers regarding this unfair taxation.    



8/30/17: With information from clients, supporters, and local statesmen, W-4twenty realizes the balance of legality and financial transparency regarding 280e.  With a commitment to legalization, W-4twenty’s future prospects include Certification in Public Accounting alongside a microscopic view on 280e taxation, W-4twenty is, and will be, excellently well-versed in how to better serve our clients.




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