W-4 TWENTY was founded in 2017 by
Viyada (Vee) Maria Ruscigno in Portland, Oregon.

After graduating with a B.A. in International Studies from Loyola University Chicago and 15+ successful years of restaurant management, Vee focused her attention to what she enjoyed most, payroll, taxes and recruiting…. Yes!  Believe it or not, she really does enjoy it!!

As a “closet pot-head” in the executive world, working as a Payroll Specialist and Human Resource Specialist in the Senior Living, Security, and Hospitality fields, Vee, found herself laid off for the second time in 2 years due to acquisitions and conglomerates.  With the encouragement and help from family and friends, Vee took the leap to start W-4twenty.

With her shared passion for both the cannabis plant and making pot legal, nationwide, medically and recreationally, Vee created W-4twenty to work with MMJ and recreational cannabis entrepreneurs to fight the stigma against the plant and go legit!

Not only focusing on ensuring correct pay, taxes, and benefits to enhance Employee Relations, W-4twenty advocates along side Senators Jeff MerkleyRon Wyden, Congressman Blumenauer and Congresswoman Bonamici to fight against IRS provision 280E.

Vee is currently attending Portland State University and pursuing her certification in public accounting.  And with much experience in managerial accounting, Vee is currently becoming certified as a managerial accountant, as well.