• weekly and bi-weekly payroll, specializing in multi-pay grades for any one employee


  • help educate you on the bookkeeping/accounting or payroll software you’re already using in house


  • guide you to find better, sometimes free bookkeeping/accounting or payroll software that is better tailored for your cannabis company


  • knowledgeable in where to find capital and investment; help find a bank that won’t seize your assets due to federal regulation


  • help you accurately and promptly pay employees in any convenient way they’d like, including direct deposit and paycards plus free online accessibility for paystubs, benefits, taxes, etc., 24/7/365 for employees and employers


  • help in recruiting trustworthy and ethical associates, along with training plans and on-boarding matrix to ensure there’s no waste in time or money


  • specialized training matrix in terpene profiling, the human endocannabinoid system, horticultural techniques, etc, etc, etc, for a truly deep understanding of cannabis and its benefits


  • payroll taxes (including FUTA, year-end filing), w-2s, w-9s (corrections and reprints), 1099s, and 1096s


  • accounts payable/accounts receivable, single-entry bookkeeping or double-entry bookkeeping for precise reconciliation; all-encompassing software programs that can include licensing, inventory, pay, AP/AR, etc.


  • identifying COGs, identifying variable and fixed costs and ensuring lean operations


  • workman’s comp, PDX sick pay, OSHA compliance, as well as other compliance assistance for both state and federal, including compliance posters and other compliance media


  • organizational maintenance of employee records, employment applications, vendor receipts, as well as other record retention knowledge


  • Oregon DPSST-licensed security officers for secure pick-ups and other employee-related programs to ensure safety and productivity in the workplace


  • general ledgers, balance sheets, profit and loss reports, inventory maintenance & many, many other ways to calibrate success


  • help in implementing inventory organization & fluidity and identify operation inefficiencies

    WHY W-4TWENTY, and not the other guys?

    W-4Twenty is a local company that is not owned or operated by a company outside of Oregon.

    To ensure the best practice, W-4Twenty specializes in Oregon and in Oregon only.  

    W-4Twenty is NOT a bookkeeping, payroll or HR company that was already established, and then decided to jump into the Cannabis Industry.

    W-4Twenty solely focuses on Cannabis-related companies.

    W-4Twenty is a NOT a large corporation with CEO or CFO salaries to pay, therefore, we don’t unnecessarily charge our clients a higher fee.
    W-4Twenty charges a flat fee for all services.  So, rather than a percentage, you’ll know exactly what to expect.  

    W-4Twenty does NOT donate to a local charity of your choice, so again, we don’t unnecessarily charge our clients a higher fee to cover our costs. PERIOD.